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Personal Care Products

We manufacture and supply a varied range of Personal Care Products. useful for improving the health of hair, skin and eyes, the Personal Care Products are also the right choice for boosting immunity and thereby the health. Formulated using the choicest ingredients, the Personal Care Products are widely acclaimed for their performance.

We Offer

  • Hair Care Oil
  • Herbal Ubtan
  • Immuno-6 Capsules
  • I-Care Capsules
  • Ex. L. Capsules
  • Kesha Hair Oil
  • Sripani Breast Massage Oil
  • Dharmani Herbal Ubtan
  • Hair Care Oil
  • Beslim Powder

Why Our Personal Care Products?

  • Accurate composition
  • Fast results
  • Very effective
  • Economical

Ex. L. Capsules

Ex. L. Capsules
It is a non-hormonal safe ayurvedic medicine to promote body growth. It stimulates the growth hormone production in the body and hence provides overall body growth. It not only promotes growth and fitness but also provides energy and power to the body.

Ingredients : Chandrika (Halo), Ashwagandha, Neem, Vaivading, Vidharikand, Lawang, Lauh Bhasm, Kesar.

Dosage : 1-2 capsules twice or thrice a day with milk or water.

Kesha Hair Oil

Kesha Hair Oil
Kesha Hair Oil is enriched with the natural goodness of Bhringraj, Amalaki, Neem, Kalaunji and other hair rejuvenating herbs which are processed in Sesame, Coconut and soyabeen oil. It efficiently penetrates right into hair roots and provides essential nutrients to hair follicles that encourage natural hair growth. It also helps in clearing dandruff thus in reducing falling of hair. Kesha Hair oil helps delay graying by increasing hair melanin content. It also works wonderfully by increasing the strength of hair follicles thus its regular use ensures long, thick and healthy black hair.

Ingredients : Bhringraj, Amla, Jatamansi, Mehandi patra, Mulethi, Kalaungi, Lemon Oil, Olive Oil, Neem Oil, Soyabeen Oil, Coconut Oil and Til Oil

Usage : Massage gently on scalp and hair.

Sripani Breast Massage Oil

Sripani Breast Massage Oil
Sriparni Oil is a well known breast massage oil described in ayurvedic texts. It is formulated for strengthening, firming up and toning breast muscles; resulting in an increase in bust size. It prevents sagging breasts, corrects under developed breasts and importantly beautifies their shape.

Dharmani Herbal Ubtan

Dharmani Herbal Ubtan
Dharmani Herbal Ubtan is a well balanced formulation of natural herbs which works on the concept of deeply cleaning the skin pores, therefore helping the skin to absorb ample oxygen and thus breathe easily. It is effective in acne, pimples, old pimple marks, wrinkles, dark circles, white or black heads, prevents future breakouts, and removes blemishes.

Ingredients : Kesar, Chandan, Haldi, Chiroungi, Jaiphal, Kuth, Priyangu, Lodh, Berna, Masur.

Application : Add some milk (or curd for dry skin) in 3-5 gm. Ubtan to make a paste and apply it on whole face Leave it for 7-8 minute & remove it massaging with fingers in circular motion. Rinse with fresh water

Hair Care Oil

Hair Care Oil
Hair Care Oil is an excellent treatment for your rough, dry and split ends hair. It prevents hair fall, alopecia and stimulates hair growth. This hair oil acts as a good conditioner. It encourages new growth by allowing oxygen to hair follicles. The ingredients of the hair oil stimulate and nourish the scalp. Regular use of Hair Care Oil provides long and strong hair with natural shine.

Benefits of Hair Care Oil
  • Arrests Hair fall.
  • Removes dandruff and arrest formation of dandruff.
  • Prevents premature graying
  • Luxuriant and healthy hair growth.
  • Arrests the progress of balding.
  • Acts as a good conditioner.

Beslim Powder

Beslim Powder
Beslim contains an excellent formulation of herbs that burn the fats in your body and provides a sustained weight loss. It cleanses the toxins from the body and enhances the metabolic rate and hence helps in burning fats and lipids inside the body. It also reduces food craving and makes body use its stored fats for producing energy.

Ingredients : Apamarg, Chitrak, Shudh Guggul, Vaivading, Bakuchi, Triphala, Trikatu, Lauh Bhasm and Sedhav lawan

Dosage : 2-3 gm. twice a day after meal with lukewarm water.

32 Pearls Tooth Powder

32 Pearls Tooth Powder
This herbal tooth powder is useful to strengthen the gums and stops bleeding from the gums. It prevents tooth decay, pyorrhea and pre-mature fall of the teeth. It is helpful in killing bacteria from tooth and cures tooth ache. It removes foul smell of the mouth and improves the sense of taste in the tongue. It makes teeth healthy and shining.

Ingredients : Satpodina, Karpur, Lawang, Majuphal, Patang, Kali Mirch, Akhrot, Apamarg, Neem, Babool, Fitkari, Sendhav Lawan.

Mode of Administration : Massage or rub the tooth powder on teeth & gums with the help of finger or tooth brush and then rinse mouth with fresh water.

Pro-Zed Powder

Pro-Zed Powder
Pro-zed is a blend of well known ayurvedic herbs like ashwagandha, brahmi and shatavari forfeited with iron, zinc and calcium in their bhasma forms which are safe and easy to absorb in body. Pro-Zed is a health rejuvenator and an energy booster for all age groups. It is a good ayurvedic rasayan for teenagers, busy executives, pregnant women and lactating mothers.

Ingredients : Ashwagandha, Shataver, Brahmi, Lauh Bhasm, Yashad Bhasm, Mukta Shukti Bhasm, Swarn Makshik Bhasm, Abhrak Bhasm, Milk Powder, Sugar

Dosage : 5-10 gm. twice a day with milk or water.

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